Inspired by recipes perfected over centuries and crafted with care.


Kishmini brings you flavours from Kashmir valley, nestled in the Himalayan glaciers, where time stands still. Preparing food the Kashmiri way is a labour of love, from dishes created for kings to staples from mom’s kitchen. We use spices with deliberate restraint and mellow them to create a delicately infused flavour balance. 

Our Kashmiri creations centre on lamb, prepared with great attention to aroma, infusion, and texture, and include traditional vegetarian dishes and chutneys. We also offer Pakistani/North Indian classics, and customize orders for private events, corporate events, and large banquets.

We are excited to introduce Wazwan-inspired cuisine to the vibrant and diverse food culture in Toronto, and we are proud to procure high quality, fresh ingredients for the creation of wholesome and delicious meals. 

We look forward to catering your next event.

Our food ethos

Labour of love

We follow time-tested culinary traditions and never compromise on quality

Delicately balanced spices

We create each dish with a unique blend of leading and supporting spices

Customized for you

We adapt our offerings and present food to suit your style of event and your preferences

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