Kishmini uses only high quality, fresh ingredients to prepare wholesome, delicious meals. Our catering menu of Kashmiri, Pakistani, and Indian classic dishes can be customized and served to suit the kind of event you want to host.  

From the Valley: Wazwan Specialties


  • Roghan Josh - Tender lamb shanks prepared Wazwan-style, coated in an aromatic sauce of saffron and warm spices. One of Kashmir’s signature dishes
  • Yakhni - Lamb simmered in a delicate yogurt and bone-broth sauce
  • Martchwangan Qorma - Lamb cooked in a fiery sauce extracted from the Kashmiri chili 
  • Ruwangan Maaz - Lamb or beef in a robust tomato sauce
  • Tabakh Maaz - Crispy yet tender fried lamb ribs, a mainstay at banquets
  • Rista - Kofta-style lamb meatballs in a light shallot sauce
  • Waza Kokur - Shallow-fried chicken in a smooth spiced tomato glaze
  • Meth te Kokur - Home-style chicken in a flavourful fenugreek jus


  • Tchaman - House-made cheese (paneer) fried and coated in a spiced tomato glaze
  • Wangan Yakhin - Tender eggplant in a fragrant yogurt curry
  • Wangan te Ruwangan - Eggplant simmered in a rich tomato sauce
  • Nadir te Palak - Lotus root cooked with spinach
  • Nadir te Mong - Lotus root in lentil stew 
  • Dum Aloo - New potatoes fried and then slow-cooked in a thick sauce 
  • Rajma - Old-fashioned kidney bean stew 
  • Haakh - Collard greens in a fennel-infused broth  


  • Mooli - Daikon
  • Pudina - Mint 
  • Dhania - Cilantro
  • Pyaaz - Onion   


  • Nunchai - Creamy pink salted tea, a staple
  • Kong Kahva - Saffron and cardamom infusion
  • Darcheeni Kahva - Cinnamon infusion

From the Plains: Pakistani Classics


  • Qorma - Mughlai curry (chicken or veal) with cashews and rose water
  • Palak Gosht - Lamb in smooth, fenugreek-infused spinach 
  • Karahi - Chicken or lamb wok-fried with ginger, green chilies and tomatoes
  • Aloo Qeema - Minced meat (chicken, beef or lamb) and potatoes
  • Fisherwoman’s Shrimp Masala - Shrimp sautéed with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs 
  • Lahori Fish - Catch of the day, fried in a seasoned light chickpea batter
  • Fish Fry - Marinated whole smelt fried in a light crispy batter 
  • Raan - Succulent leg of lamb in aromatic spices
  • Tandoori Chicken - Smoky baked chicken thighs


  • Palak Paneer - Golden fried cubes of house-made paneer in a velvety spinach sauce
  • Mattar Paneer - Golden fried cubes of house-made paneer and peas in a tomato sauce
  • Potpourri - A vibrant mixed vegetable dish
  • Bhindi Masala - Okra pan-fried with onions and seasoned salts
  • Karela - Thinly sliced bittergourd fried with onions and tomatoes 
  • Burani - Eggplant layered in spiced yogurt, topped with tomato coulis
  • Daal Tadka - Hot ghee and spice “tadka” poured onto a special lentil blend 
  • Daal Makhni - Creamy lentil stew

Hot Coals: From the Charcoal Grill

(Live BBQ prepared on site)

  • The Original Tikka - Spiced chicken grilled over high heat 
  • Reshmi Kabab - “Silky” chicken kababs flavoured with garlic, ginger, lemon and fresh herbs
  • Bihari Kabab - Bihari Style, melt-in-your-mouth kababs (chicken or veal)
  • Chicken Boti - Boneless chicken kababs marinated in ginger, garlic and red chilies
  • Malai Tikka - Boneless chicken kababs marinated in cream and fresh herbs
  • Seekh Kabab - Minced (chicken or beef) marinated in herbs and grilled on a skewer
  • Lamb Ribs - Tender steamed lamb ribs finished on the grill
  • Leg of Lamb - Leg of lamb marinated, slow-cooked and finished on the grill
  • Lamb Chops - Lamb chops with dry spices and mint
  • Afghani Tikka - Tender cubes of beef and fat; a signature Afghani dish 
  • Grilled Prawns - Jumbo prawns with mustard and lemon 


  • Biryani - Colourful delicacy combining layers of lavishly spiced masala (chicken or veal) and aromatic rice
  • Chicken Pulao - Rice and chicken cooked in a spice-infused chicken broth
  • Kashmiri Pulao - Rice cooked in spice-infused lamb broth with cashews 
  • Kabuli Pulao - Braised lamb with rice, cashews and raisins 
  • Mattar Pulao - Rice with peas
  • Saffron Rice - Saffron infused rice
  • Zeera Rice - Cumin seed tempered rice


  • Beet Salad - Marinated roasted rainbow beets and arugula, dressed in a citrus vinaigrette and topped with goat cheese  
  • Spinach Salad - Baby spinach, strawberries, kohlrabi slivers, walnuts and dried cranberries tossed in balsamic vinaigrette
  • Persian Salad - Romaine lettuce, Persian cucumbers, and grape tomatoes tossed in a herb and garlic dressing
  • Roasted Eggplant Salad - Flame-grilled eggplant and zucchini tossed in a tomato and herb salsa fresca
  • Paneer Pakora - House-made cheese fritters, served with tamarind chutney      
  • Roasted Cauliflower - Served with avocado mousse      
  • Nadru Chips - Spiced lotus root chips served with a roasted garlic and chive dip
  • Kachumar - Chopped salad of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and cilantro, in a lemon green chili dressing
  • Raita - Cucumber herb yogurt
  • Green Chutney - Cilantro, parsley, lime, green chili